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We help companies


solve the real


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JAHN BJØRN Management Consulting is the trusted advisor to industrial B2B companies with ambitions to unlock their full growth potential.

Working together with CEOs and their leadership teams we design and implement strategies that make profitable, sustainable and capital efficient growth happen.

We look forward to getting to know you and your company.

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“A company that can’t grow is an accident waiting to happen”

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When you work with us you are in good company:




We are business people

Our competencies, creativity and intuition for great business have been built through mangement responsibility in large Danish companies, through advisory projects and ongoing international education.

The ones you meet will also do the job

With us, the projects will be executed by the same people who defines and scopes them. No juniors will take over once the contract has been signed. We work together with you to ensure focus, development, motivation and accountability.

Value creation from day one

During projects we will provide you with new insights and market approaches that will open new business opportunities right from the beginning.


Easy to work with

It is easy to integrate us in the daily business as we always begin by understanding the client’s unique situation. And because we have many years of experience from your side of the desk.

Value for money

We also work with well-defined projects, so that progress can be measured. Our price reflects the value we create, and this means that our results and invoices are meaningful.

We challenge the status quo

In the quest for our client’s growth, we will inevitably challenge existing assumptions and ways of working. If reasonable, old habits can stay, if not they must go.