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We design


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growth strategies

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Our services are designed to make profitable, sustainable and capital efficient growth happen. In the process we bring vast experience, proven methodology and a creative and pragmatic approach to the table. We never forget that at the end of the day all change depends on people and all growth comes from customers.


Our three core services:


Establish the strategic foundation for growth


As growth consultants our core service is to device sound strategies that make companies more successful.

We work closely together with our clients to analyze, map, decide and execute, leaving no uncharted spaces between strategy, culture and daily practice.

A typical project includes:

  • Qualitative field work regarding selected customers and key people in the organisation

  • Strategic and pragmatic analysis that consolidates and adds to existing knowledge

  • Development of Strategic Growth Playbook - the foundation for successful growth


Help leadership execute


As the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast. To have it the other way around, we usually stay on board to see the strategy become reality. Having extensive leadership experience ourselves, we respect the difficulties and know how to work with people and culture, and we work side by side with the leadership team bringing our growth expertise to the table.

We take on roles such as:

  • Discussion partner and advisor for the CEO and the leadership team during execution

  • Project manager of specific strategic projects

  • Executing specialists in specific strategic projects


Provide access to pre-validated business services


Your path towards growth always requires specialist knowledge in certain areas. We have a network of pre-validated experts in fields which can be instrumental to your growth strategy: Go-to-market, personal and leadership development and legal advice and

Examples are:

  • Go-to-market: Specialists in B2B sales, digital sales, branding, marketing and communication

  • Personal and leadership development: Business psychologists

  • Legal advice: Lawyers

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“We team up with the CEO and their leadership teams to set the right agenda, create new possibilities, make better decisions, reduce room for misalignment and push for results.”



Our footprints:


1. Set the
right agenda

The first part of our work is to identify an ambitious agenda for growth. Without a bold and visionary agenda the ensuing work will not get off the ground. The agenda should expand the perspective, bring in novel points of view and be meaningful in all corners of the company. Setting the right agenda is not just a whiteboard exercise. It requires a deep understanding of the business, its customers and the megatrends defining the world.


2. Create new

After having set the right growth agenda it is time to expand the field of opportunities. This is a creative, but disciplined phase. We combine imagination with what we know and together we create fresh and meaningful new ideas. The outcome is tangible business potentials within the current core, but also adjecent and new business areas – as well as clarity, ownership and energy in the leadership team.


3. Make better

Now it is time to select and combine the ideas which will work. Tough work where darlings will be killed and only the best and brightest ideas remain. We evaluate alternatives, look at them from multiple angles and take all aspects into account. We are about to make critical choices and must not rush the process due to impatience. When we are ready, we tie the knot.


4. Reduce room for misalignment

All decisions, goals and action plans are then described in detail in the Strategic Growth Playbook. No leeways for interpretations should be left open, as this is always where good-intentioned plans derail. The objective of the playbook is to make everything tangible and explicit, to bridge the strategic, the tactical and the operational level – and to place you in a position where you can put the strategy to work on Monday morning.


5. Push for

Consultants usually look forward to the day where they can deliver their 200+ page slideshow, send the bill and drive off. Our job is only half done at this point. We are keen to convert decisions into actions and to make sure that things really happen. Therefore we stay on board and help bring about real change. Some may see us as pushy, but that is the best way to make the stone roll.